Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Would you like some sugar for your tea?

Next Sunday will be our first wedding anniversary! I can't believe a year as gone by so fast! Well actually I can. Our wedding day felt like no more than a blink so it is no wonder the past year feels like a week!

One of the things that stood out to me most about the whole bride experience is how much people really do go out of their way to show you they love you! The showers my bridesmaids planned for me were beyond anything I would have ever imagined or expected (I'll have to feature them in another post), friends sent cards and went out of their way to support me each and every day of my 5 1/2 month stressful engagement, people flew out to little Cape Cod Ma. in the PEAK of the holiday season to witness our vows and celebrate afterwards. 

It's not typical that people have a December wedding because the holiday season is so crazy---yet December 13 was the date that worked for us and our dear friends made it work for them too!

The day before the wedding, my bridesmaids flew into town from all over the place for a  tea that my mother planned in honor of my ten beautiful, wonderful, bridesmaids. 
We had some great photographers in the house! This photo by Leisel
Here is a little note about my mom, even if I am an event planner by nature, my mom was the true wedding planner for our wedding. Due to my hectic work schedule there were many things that I just would not have been able to do with her help. Just thinking about it makes me realize that I never planned a tea in her honor for all she did for me. Mama tea next perhaps??
my mom and I, see the resemblance?
The event was saturated with love and deep appreciation for the friends that poured so much of themselves into me---not just during the wedding planning but during my entire life. My mom pulled every detail together so perfectly and I do think my friends felt loved. 
my mom has a knack for all things pretty
Even the chandelier had 10 pretty maids dancing down from great heights. Where does she get this stuff? I don't know. She's my mom. 
Gifts for my girls! These are the little part I prepared. I loved the wrapping paper almost as much as the gift which was a dainty cape cod bracelet. 
Jillian holds her bridesmaid survival bag which held a cozy shawl (to match their dresses of course---you cant send maids into a winter wedding with out some sort of protection!), water bottle (stay hydrated ladies), treats and local maps and information on sites of interest (there are things to do on Cape Cod even in the winter!) Oh and of course, an itinerary!
My sister, maid of honor, and mother of our flower girl gave a beautiful toast. It was one of my favorite toasts of the weekend!

My mom not only shares Polish heritage in common with Martha Stewart but also the ability to create event appropriate treats! Offered here is beach plum cordial which took months to prepare! Made by mom...

btw, isn't meghan's jumper the cutest?
my girls
A year later and I am still so thankful for this special event. I am so blessed to have such a loving mom who would share such a gift with my dear friends and I. I feel so warm inside when I think of each of these women who contribute so much to my life each in their own unique way. Really, it's as if my heart has been wrapped in a soft blanket knit with each of their lives. From my mother to my sister to my newest and oldest friend--each of these loving faces is a part of me, and I'd guess I'm a part of them.

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