Friday, December 4, 2009

Who has the time? You do!

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How often have you flipped through Martha Stewart Living and said, "That's beautiful, but who has the time????" I say it to myself almost every single time I pick up that magazine or any other lovely examples of do it yourself goodness. But I don't let despair get the better of me because I then force myself to follow up and say "I do". 

It's easy to get overwhelmed by a project if you take someone else's standards, ideas, whatever and try to make them your own---but if instead you are mearly inspired by their idea and then do what's easiest/funnest/most beautiful for you---then the swirl of excitement gets you through and before you know it you have a wonderful creation in front of you.
Here are a few things that help me keep a can-do attitude

*I stay organized. Not crazy neurotic organized but keep things where it makes sense to me so I can find them when I need them. I buy similar bins, boxes and baskets on the cheap, and keep ribbons, buttons, glitter any like items together. Vases grouped on a shelf. Craft supplies nestled together in the closet so when it comes time to create, I am not hindered by trying to find that one little thing.

* I keep an open mind. Maybe I don't have time to run out and by that silver glass glitter. But I do have regular glitter at home. Or maybe I don't have tons of square clear class vases, but I do have tons of tea cups. By using what I have when crafting or entertaining I can get things together in a pinch instead of running around trying to achieve something that takes too long to get together.

*I often shop my yard, house and closet. Jewelry can be added to centerpieces for sparkle, old vases can be decoupaged and given as gifts. I do not live at the Paper Source retail store...but maybe I can show them a thing or to with what I found in my basement. 
*I buy things from the clearance section at craft stores. That mini book of scrapbook pages for 89 cents might not look like something I need, but for 89 cents you bet I can use it later. 

*I ask myself what I think. We can be our own worst critic or biggest fan. If YOU are satisfied, who cares what anyone else thinks? The joy that blossoms from your creativity will be more beautiful than anything you make....and people will be happy to share in that even if the hand made napkin rings aren't their taste.

*I love the saying that Lindsay Cheney has over at The Pleated Poppy. "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." And I take that to heart!

*If the 10.00 bottle of german glitter motivates me to do everything else. I break down and buy it. Sometimes its the little things that help us do the big things. :)

What helps you be a dreamer and a doer???

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