Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very Entertaining

I just love a good party. Don't you? My soul flutters at the thought of  going where friends are gathered. I get especially fluttery when I create the space where people gather. Getting friends and acquaintances---or even strangers together just tickles me silly. When I have the opportunity to get people together, my heart starts beating extra fast and I start thinking of a million ideas at once. I look for inspiration everywhere and I don't want to stop for a second. I am energized by pulling the details together right down to the soup and nuts (literally). I am even more energized when the said party is a success!!!! On to the next one!!! I am flooded with new ideas and inspiration and a sense of satisfaction that is like none other....

photo by simply hue at flickr
You may be thinking a couple of things right now. One, you may be cheering "Yes Yes Yes! That's me! Me too!" or you may just think I am mad as a hatter. Regardless of your perception of me you will probably agree, that no matter how much one would like, one can not just sit around planning parties all day unless it's your job and for me it's not. 

My name is Lindsay and I am event planner at heart who is currently looking for work in a dreadful economy. I have always wanted to start a blog---as a way to capture my ideas for myself and others so I am finally getting to it. The dean of my college at our freshman orientation (I can't believe I am quoting him) once said "View everyone you meet as a potential friend." As your potential new blogger friend, I hope you will enjoy my ideas as much as I have enjoyed so many of yours. If I use one of your shared photos or thoughts I will always give credit and I hope you will do the same for me.

Since we are now friends, I also wanted to put out there that I am not good with grammar in the slightest (least?). When I type what is on my mind, with the limited time, I am so excited to get it out I don't always have the time to break down my sentences. I hope that you will forgive me for this mortal error (I know it's terrible), and if it bothers you a lot, then get thee to a library and take out Pride and Prejudice...a novel full of LOTS of fabulous parties and you can get all the perfect grammar you want from Jane Austen's lovely writing. 

Now that I have created a rather lengthy introduction, I want to make one more thing clear. I am not perfect. I don't know it all. And, I don't claim to be full of Martha-Stewart-Perfect (MSP) entertaining ideas. I just GUSH when it comes to conjuring up parties, and dog-gone-it all that luscious gush has got to go somewhere.  Maybe my next four weekends are not prime real estate for a glorious gathering---but yours could be. So I'm going to put my ideas down for you in case you have the time to shake up a soiree. I hope you find them very entertaining. :)

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